Saturday, November 15, 2008


Before: I was super nervous. I couldn't even put lotion on my face after I got out of the shower. All you girls know how that feels.After: I feel like somebody beat the crap out of me, but just in my left kidney region.

Don't I look super cute in this picture? My face gives me away: I feel pretty crappy.

Lots of sleeping has taken place. Last night James and I hung out and watched Casino Royale to prepare for the new James Bond movie. We can't wait, we might even go see it today if I am feeling up to it.

Anyway, there ya go. I am doing fine and James is taking really good care of me (Dad). Love y'all.


Brooke said...

Glad that it all worked out, if not for quite a bit of soreness I'm sure that you're still feeling. Hope that the lithotripsy did everything it was supposed to do and you're better than ever soon.

Laurel said...

Poor Mary we hope that you feel better. We're so glad things went well.