Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the missing wallet

Yesterday we were tearing the apartment apart looking for James' wallet. Why does he always lose things? Anyway. I started with the couch. I looked inbetween the seat cushions. Nothing. So I got down on my hands and knees to look under the couch. Guess what I found??

It's little Gaber's dinosaur. It made me stop my frantic searching. It also made my day. Yesterday wasn't the best of days for me, so to find Gabe's dinosaur was like a little present that helped boost my spirits. Thanks Gabe, for being such a boy and leaving your dinosaurs strewn about our apartment. I love you so much.

ps- We found James' wallet under another piece of furniture... the bed. How it got there, I do not know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Does anyone else like to dance 80's style to Jessie's Girl? If you don't, give it another shot. If you haven't ever, then you should really try it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

11:49 am

I really don't know why it is my responsibility to wake up my husband. Every day when the alarm goes off at 6:02 am (it's an OCD thing. I can't have my alarms set at regular times), I immediately wake up. I let it ring a few times just to make sure James hears it. Then I turn it off and nudge James. I give it a minute and shake him again. I stay awake until I am sure he gets out of bed. I have learned that I have to do this because if I don't then he won't get up. There have been a few times when his work has actually called at about 7:00 to see where he is. So when he finally gets up I am totally awake.
This morning I forced myself to stay in bed until 7:15. I got up and poured myself a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. By the time I had eaten and browsed the internet, it was 7:30. I decided to clean. I turned on my iPod and plugged it into the Bose. The Killers sang loudly about humans and dancers while I scrubbed down the bathroom. I vaccuumed everything, cleaned the baseboards and floors, and did all the laundry. It is now 11:49 am and I have a spectacularly clean apartment and no clothes in the hampers.
So I would like to thank James for being a little irresponsible about getting up in the mornings. Love ya babe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

welcome home w.

here i am driving to the big event

waiting in line

still waiting

here's me being tough like those cowboys behind me

random guy and a girl's butt-crack. ha

i couldn't see a dang thing

air force one

there they are!!!

snipers! crazy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

late Christmas pics

I found a lot more Christmas pictures that I haven't put on the blog. I'm sure Nanna and Papa will appreciate these.

that's right, sophi has ariel on her chest. that's how she rolls.
he was so sleepy
gabe was throwing a fit. surprised? so i decided to monster him up.
donny got this skirt for carli in costa rica. carli hates it. so donny put it on to prove how cute it really is. (i wish i could type sarcastically)
i found this shirt and i had to get it for gabey. he puts it on and is invincible. he calls himself, "star man" because he can't quite say "superman". and he thinks that all super heroes roar.

my sissy's sweet family

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i had my follow-up kidney stone urologist appointment yesterday. wow, that's a mouthfull! he wants to do lots of things. first of all, he wants me to do a 24-hour urine. if you haven't had to do one of these then you are sure missing out. it consists of having to pee into the same jug for 24 hours. and i have to keep it refrigerated. and they didn't give me any sort of funnel to pee in to. so i just get to aim and hope for the best with these bad boys.i promise i don't wear that shirt everyday!

and he wants to do some blood work to test my thyroid hormone and other things that i can't remember.

i feel like i only ever put pictures of myself on here. so tonight i told james to look at me and look cute. this was the result:

but after that he gave me this one:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

back to school, back to school, to prove to daddy i'm not a fool...

that's right. i start school again tomorrow. i am ready to get back into a routine. oh yeah! more great/exciting/kinda scary news:

Mary McAllister is the newest Primary Presidency 2nd couselor in the Midland 2nd Ward. I am really excited about this one.

And last but not least, this little monster might be coming to live with us this summer. No, not the tiger, it's my brother Jacob. I am actually looking forward to have him come.

the end.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

this one's for you carli

this is donny. need i say more?

late night convo

Last night as James and I were drifting off to sleep he hit me with this:
James: Being married is awesome.
Mary: I know.
James: I get to have a sleepover with my best friend every night.
Mary: And we get to eat ice cream and popcorn together. (me: always thinking about food)
James: Love.
Mary: Love you. Goodnight.

Friday, January 9, 2009

If I hear that one more person from my highschool class is pregnant I might just throw my computer across the room. Why can't I be done with school tomorrow??

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i have been so blog deprived this past month. it isn't my fault though, it is stupid at&t's fault. that's right we haven't had internet for a whole month. i know you probably all thought i was dead. fear not, i am alive and kickin'! i had an awesome time in houston. we had a great Christmas. we moved into a new apartment. wait, let me rephrase that: james moved us into a new apartment while i was in houston. i know, i have the best hubby. my mommy wants to see pictures so here ya go mom:

aaaahhhh, overhead lighting, gotta love it!

here is my new area rug from target. i love it!

and i got a haircut. i needed a style. i told her i want lots of layers and NO bangs. well guess what:What the crap do you call those?????

and the rest of it reminds me of how a rodeo queen would cut her hair. every time i look in the mirror i think, "who is that hick?" oh yeah, it's me. oh well, it's just hair. it will grow back in a couple months.

carli and donny came for a visit over new year's. it was so super fun.

there. there's my update. yay for the internet!