Thursday, January 22, 2009

11:49 am

I really don't know why it is my responsibility to wake up my husband. Every day when the alarm goes off at 6:02 am (it's an OCD thing. I can't have my alarms set at regular times), I immediately wake up. I let it ring a few times just to make sure James hears it. Then I turn it off and nudge James. I give it a minute and shake him again. I stay awake until I am sure he gets out of bed. I have learned that I have to do this because if I don't then he won't get up. There have been a few times when his work has actually called at about 7:00 to see where he is. So when he finally gets up I am totally awake.
This morning I forced myself to stay in bed until 7:15. I got up and poured myself a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. By the time I had eaten and browsed the internet, it was 7:30. I decided to clean. I turned on my iPod and plugged it into the Bose. The Killers sang loudly about humans and dancers while I scrubbed down the bathroom. I vaccuumed everything, cleaned the baseboards and floors, and did all the laundry. It is now 11:49 am and I have a spectacularly clean apartment and no clothes in the hampers.
So I would like to thank James for being a little irresponsible about getting up in the mornings. Love ya babe.


The Rushtons said...

Do you wanna come over and clean MY baseboards?

Lydia Anne said...

I got my wonderful sleeping habbits from that great brother of mine. :)