Sunday, January 11, 2009

back to school, back to school, to prove to daddy i'm not a fool...

that's right. i start school again tomorrow. i am ready to get back into a routine. oh yeah! more great/exciting/kinda scary news:

Mary McAllister is the newest Primary Presidency 2nd couselor in the Midland 2nd Ward. I am really excited about this one.

And last but not least, this little monster might be coming to live with us this summer. No, not the tiger, it's my brother Jacob. I am actually looking forward to have him come.

the end.


Laurel said...

Congratulations on your calling. Good luck with school.

Brooke said...

Good luck with school and your calling. I'm sure you'll have fun working with Christina! When you get a minute, I tagged you in my last posting, have fun!