Tuesday, January 20, 2009

welcome home w.

here i am driving to the big event

waiting in line

still waiting

here's me being tough like those cowboys behind me

random guy and a girl's butt-crack. ha

i couldn't see a dang thing

air force one

there they are!!!

snipers! crazy.


Katy said...

Ha! I'm about to add my new post and was curious if you had anything up yet! That last sniper pic......yeah, after we walked past you guys (to the end of the line :() we gave up and stood outside the fence for awhile. We were across from that building and I was joking about jumping the fence behind the port-a-potties to sneak in. Yeah, it was funny until I saw that guy and decided it wouldn't be worth getting shot!
Ah well, we ended up getting in finally!
Looks like you guys had fun!

Laurel said...

That's kind of fun that you guys got to see the pres.

daniel vincent john said...

am glad that george is back in midland, texas. may everyday be a better one for everyone.