Friday, October 31, 2008

i voted

so now if America goes down the crapper atleast i will know that i did my part.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Pictures!!

i look like a freakin' chipmunk in this picture. but isn't my teacher the coolest??

stephanie, me, and martha

left to right: ms. madewell, ismail, tami, katherine, sarah, martha, tiffany, nan, chris, stephanie, me

martha, steph, nan, and me (nan actually rapped in class!)

nan and steph

the 80's girlies

ms. madewell, best nursing school teacher ever

ready for our workout. martha, ismail, and me (doesn't ismail look like pauly bleaker?)

we rock the party. this was my face in like every picture

fernando and ismail

ismail, martha, me, raul (the guy who kicks our butts at the gym every other day), fernando, kristen, jocelyn, and steph

i love stephanie's face!

once again with the face
ninja turtles and the chippendale dancer

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

are you ever blogging and trying to put lots of pictures onto one post? well i just did and it was the most annoying thing ever! i hate having to go back after uploading each picture to fix the spacing and all that crap. i did have one more random pic to post, but i was getting too annoyed to do it on my last post. so here:

james wanted to document that i can actually multi-task.

lots of things

first of all... here are some pictures of my lame attempt at making myself a birthday cake:

yeah, i know it looks terrible but it was absolutely delish!

now onto funner (is that a word, i never know) things. tomorrow a few girls in my class and i are dressing up like 80's workout girls. i have an awesome costume. james wanted to get in on the action too.

please don't mind my messy bathroom. don't you love the butt shot??

i told james to stand there and turn his feet out. awesome.-->

i was going for the "let's get physical" look.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jamesey's Utah Trip

As you all know James just got home from his utah trip a few days ago. He isn't very good at taking pictures, which you will see soon. I don't think there is one picture of people just smiling and looking at the camera. Oh well. Here ya go: my sweet mommy
oh brother

my dad in his new birthday sweater
lala being a dorkus

cute little davis

Sunday, October 19, 2008

while we're on this note...

i just have to put these videos on here too for future rainy days. mostly for myself and laughing purposes.

So Funny.

You must watch this clip! I went to take a snuggle nap with James and I was laughing so hard just thinking about it that I was crying!

This one is awesome too!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm on a roll...

OK I know I have already posted today, and that it was just a little while ago. But I must post a picture of my fierce new watch that my parentals got me for my birthday!

Don't you love to come home from a long day of work and get a big glass of water, maybe wash your hands, or even use the bathroom? Well I love doing all of those things too, but who am I kidding? Should I really expect to have running water? I live in what I like to call "the hell hole" and I don't get to have running water whenever I turn on the faucet. That's right folks, I don't get running water whenever I want it. I live in Midland, Texas, remember? My apartment complex loves to turn off the water at regular intervals. Awesome.

On a lighter and better note: On my birthday I went out to lunch with my buddies from nursing school. We went to Logan's Steakhouse and it was pretty good. Here are some pics:
Tiffany and me

they made me hold this bucket of peanuts on my head while they yelled at me

and i got my hair done, finally! i love it. i was on the phone with james and he told me to take some pictures of it, hence the phone in my hand:

have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

(Dad) born October 14, 1955 and Mary McAllister (me) born October 14, 1986

Happy Birthday Daddy!! I love you so much.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Days 6 and 7

Well birthday week is winding down, but I have the best day to look forward to tomorrow. On Sunday I went to church, came home, ate lots of food that wasn't good for me, watched tv, and took a large nap. I also got to babysit some of my favorite little girls that night. That was Sunday. Today I had hospital clinical. I gave my first shot! I was so nervous. I know I shouldn't be nervous because I am so used to sticking needles in people (phlebotomist here). But I guess the thought of giving medications to someone that could kill them if I gave the wrong dose is intimidating. Lots of responsibility. Anyway, after school I went to Gut Busters at the gym with my buds Stephanie and Kat. It was so hard. There was a part where we all had to stop because it was so crazy hard so the instructor made us do it again. He even looked at us while addressing the class and saying, "If anyone stops this time, I will make you all do it again." Yikes, he meant business. We couldn't help but laugh at the guy. So there ya have it, day 6 and 7.

James update: James continutes to live it up in Utah. I continue to be crazy jealous here in Midland. Today he is spending the day with my family. He went to Winger's today and tonight he is having my mom's famous gumbo for dinner. Yeah, I am green with envy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 5

Part One. Well James left today for a week of fun in Utah. On our way to the airport I asked him where he wanted to stop for lunch. He wanted a Keva juice. So there we went.

Of course I am sad to have him gone for a whole week, but I got over it on the way home from the airport by rocking out to old-school Celine and sipping my Strawberry Squeezer Keva juice.

Part Two. As I sit here on the couch thinking of what to write about Part Two of my day, my heart is full. I never thought that I would have a great friend that wasn't my sisters or mother. Well I am so thankful to say that I have found such a wonderful friend in Christina. Today I got dressed up in my witch costume thinking I was going to her work Halloween party with her. When I went to her house to get her, there were five other witches in the family room who yelled, "Surprise!" I couldn't believe my ears or eyes! Anne Marie had even driven all the way from El Paso to be here for my birthday. I had such a fun time. I want Christina to know that I am so grateful for her friendship. She is such a sweet person and so incredibly thoughtful. Thank you so much!