Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Pictures!!

i look like a freakin' chipmunk in this picture. but isn't my teacher the coolest??

stephanie, me, and martha

left to right: ms. madewell, ismail, tami, katherine, sarah, martha, tiffany, nan, chris, stephanie, me

martha, steph, nan, and me (nan actually rapped in class!)

nan and steph

the 80's girlies

ms. madewell, best nursing school teacher ever

ready for our workout. martha, ismail, and me (doesn't ismail look like pauly bleaker?)

we rock the party. this was my face in like every picture

fernando and ismail

ismail, martha, me, raul (the guy who kicks our butts at the gym every other day), fernando, kristen, jocelyn, and steph

i love stephanie's face!

once again with the face
ninja turtles and the chippendale dancer


carli said...

cute. I love all the poses. Your teacher looks awesome.