Thursday, October 9, 2008

birthday week, day 3

Today started out wonderfully. I slept in. Awesome. Got up and watched TV for hours. Awesome. Finally decided to take a shower. Awesome. As I was in the shower, I smelled something burning. I frantically turned off the shower, thinking that my curling iron was burning or something. It wasn't that. I went and opened the utility closet in our bathroom and the hot water heater was smoking and about to catch on fire. I went and grabbed the fire extinguisher, ready to put out a fire. I called our apartments and told them to send someone over asap. I went and got in my car and called my mommy and cried a lot. Thankfully, my house didn't catch on fire and the problem is fixed (hopefully). Things got a lot better when Jamesey got home. We hung out and then I went to the gym. A bunch of kids from nursing school met to do some classes. We did Gut Busters and Zumba. Hard stuff, but fun.

Now for the best part of my day. When I got home from the gym James had a present waiting for me! He got me a camera!! I am so thrilled! Here are the first pictures taken with this sweet gem:
mind you, i had just gotten home from the gym.


Hammen said...

I don't mean to worry you, but I think I see a wisp of smoke coming from the back hallway...