Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't you love to come home from a long day of work and get a big glass of water, maybe wash your hands, or even use the bathroom? Well I love doing all of those things too, but who am I kidding? Should I really expect to have running water? I live in what I like to call "the hell hole" and I don't get to have running water whenever I turn on the faucet. That's right folks, I don't get running water whenever I want it. I live in Midland, Texas, remember? My apartment complex loves to turn off the water at regular intervals. Awesome.

On a lighter and better note: On my birthday I went out to lunch with my buddies from nursing school. We went to Logan's Steakhouse and it was pretty good. Here are some pics:
Tiffany and me

they made me hold this bucket of peanuts on my head while they yelled at me

and i got my hair done, finally! i love it. i was on the phone with james and he told me to take some pictures of it, hence the phone in my hand:

have a wonderful weekend!!


Katy said...

Cute hair Mary! I totally sympathize with you....I used to describe Midland/Odessa as the "Armpit of Hell." Seriously. After a few years it kind of grew on me though! I definitely like living in Midland better than Odessa though!

carli said...

Mimi's pretty!!

Tyler & Jessica said...


It looks like you and your hubbby are doing so good! how do you like living in texas?


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