Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

(Dad) born October 14, 1955 and Mary McAllister (me) born October 14, 1986

Happy Birthday Daddy!! I love you so much.


Laurel said...

Happy birthday!!! Oh how fun to share a birthday with your daddy.

Christine said...

Happy Belated birthday!!!

mama ruthy said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOGGGGG!!!! I just sat here and listened to Mary music and read, enjoyed and bawled my eyes out! I love you & your precious life. I also love seeing your cute little man here in Utah. I love him & his family too. They are awesome. Boy - I'm a happy mommy of a dang-darling, zumba-dancing, gut-busting, junkfood-junky, music-master, catheter-insterting, mindless TV-watching, cry-baby, party-animal, big-haired, adoring-aunty, sweetheart. I LOVE YOU!!! Yeah - tons