Monday, August 31, 2009

more than halfway

I started school today. I'm in my second to last semester! Only eight more months baby! This semester we are focusing on obstetrics and pediatrics. Sweet. I can't wait for clinicals. My teacher is cool. He is deaf so he (obviously) can't hear the volume or pitch of his voice which makes listening to lectures really fun.

Today after lunch I almost passed out... not so much fun. I felt really weird and started sweating really bad. I thought, "oh my goodness, not again". I left class, walked out into the hall while my vision started to blur, started feeling really dizzy, finally made it to a comfy chair, sat down and planted my head between my knees. I stayed there for about twenty minutes feeling a little helpless. Two of my favorite nursing instructors came to my rescue bringing with them Dr. Pepper and two Hershey's miniatures. I cried, of course. After about five minutes I was fine. Totally weird?... yes, I think so. My blood sugar wasn't low because I had just eaten lunch. And it's not like I was doing anything super strenuous, although I haven't used my brain as much as I did today for about 2.5 months. I think it was just a fluke. Hopefully it was just a fluke. Yes, it was just a fluke.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

more vegas fun

Our second night there, we went to cirque du soleil. It was incredible. My jaw was dropped literally the whole time with the occasional "no way" or "holy crap" thrown in there. Amazing!

Don't mind my face, I don't know what I was doing. I must've just been so excited:
James and I watch this show on the Travel Channel called "Man vs. Food" and a couple weeks ago he went to a place in Vegas called Hash House A Go Go. Of course we had to experience it for ourselves:

I freakin' love this picture of Ben. I was trying to take this picture for maybe like two minutes. I was laughing so hard at his face that the camera kept shaking. This is him right before he started laughing:

And of course we all tried eachother's food. Ben got me a bite that looked like it could be an entire serving. His excuse was that I needed to try a little bit of everything:

I promise we didn't just eat the entire time we were there. Although my "skinny" shorts would beg to differ.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remember this? Well the other day James went out to do some more laundry and found this one:

Yes, that spider is eating a grasshopper.

And I got home tonight from a church activity and found another one:

So I quickly inspected James's shoes for spiders, put them on, took a few pictures, and sprayed that "animal" with Raid. There is NO WAY I could've smashed it. The crunch is the worst. No I take that back, the picking it up with toilet paper to flush it is the worst. But the crunch is the second worst.

And this is how it will stay until James gets home from work to dispose of it properly. I love having a husband.

a couple of randoms

My first experience gambling:
(I got I.D.'d every single time)

And just another funny random picture:

Frrrrrrozen Hot Chocolate

First night we got there (and every night thereafter) we drank a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity's. Here's our first experience with it:

vegas baby

Vegas was soooooo much fun! We probably laughed more than anyone on the strip,... and we were completely sober.

so excited to be there!

adjoining rooms with two of our favorite people: Ben and Tasha (James's cousin and his wife)

We went to Caesar's Palace and saw a huge sign that said "Pete Rose Here Today". Of course James and Ben both freaked out, and I just said, "who is Pete Rose?"

Bobby Flay's restaurant: Mesa Grill. Incredible:

James got a tuna steak with cous cous:

I got Alaskan halibut:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I "look terrible"

Last night as I got home from Ladies' Night James informed me that I "look terrible". To which he immediately back-pedaled and said, "You're beautiful, I can just tell that you feel terrible". I did feel (and probably look) terrible, it's true. I have had major bad allergies which, in my body, always turns into a nasty cold. So I took some NyQuil and went to bed. That stuff burns so good when it goes down. I slept horribly. I woke up at 2:00 am with a leaky faucet for a nose so I grabbed some toilet paper, which was conveniently placed on my nightstand, and stuffed some in each nostril. I tried to go back to sleep with no avail. I finally got back to sleep to be awoken by my cute hubby's alarm at 5:00 am. I was awake until 6:00. I was almost in tears at this point. Finally at 6:00 I got up and took some Afrin. This is a miracle drug. You squirt a few squirts in each nostril and TA-DA, you can breath. I finally went back to sleep and woke up at 9:00 this morning. I got up and took a Claritin-D (also a miracle drug) and some Tylenol.

You see, we are going to Las Vegas today. I must feel better. I have been trying to heal myself through sheer determination and will-power. So far, it's not working. Good thing I have many a drug book for references and a Dad who knows everything or I would probably overdose on all the medications I have been pumping into my bod.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

carli impressions

I've been in Houston for the past six days workin' my butt off for my poor little, very pregnant, sister. She just recently bought a house and wants to paint every surface in it. (I don't blame her). And since she is pregnant my Momma and I decided to go endure the sweltering heat and humidity to help her out. I know she would do it for me if the tables were turned. For Sophi's and future baby's room we decided to paint it a sunny yellow with a garden of flowers on one wall. It turned out super precious. Here is Carli's face when she saw it for the first time:

As James and I were looking through the pictures from my trip we couldn't help but notice Carli's face. It is priceless, ... and hilarious. So we decided to recreate it with our own faces:

Don't worry, I have "before and after" pictures for everything that I will post later.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

our socks were rocked

We went and saw Steve Miller Band last night. It was awesome, we had so much fun. A lady tried to run up on the stage and had to be tackled by the security guards. That was exciting. We had a really fun night. Here are the pictures:

I love the lady's face sitting next to me:
And here's a little video that we took of my favorite song of the night.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

my hubby, the triathlete

Great job Jamesey! I am so proud of you!