Monday, March 23, 2009

so glad to be home.

I'm back. I had so much fun in Utah. I love my family, they rock the party. We played Guitar Hero while I was there. Well, mostly Jacob and Sarah played and I just took pictures of me being hard core and them rocking out. The video is of me giving my brother what James likes to call a "trauma bond". It consists of yelling "TRAUMA" and jumping on the person and shaking them and yelling. And then you bond through trauma. I did this to Jacob almost everyday. It was awesome.

I love the pictures of me and Lolly swinging. She looks like Aunt Jemima, huh??

Ok so like I said, I am really glad to be home. One of the main reasons that I am so glad is that I absolutely hate traveling. Like the actual taking off, flying, descending, and landing. On my way home I had to fly to Phoenix first for a nice long layover. The flight was so bumpy, but it didn't really phase me.... until we started making our final descent. I started sweating really bad and getting really nauseous. So i put in a piece of gum, which only made me gag a lot more than I would've without it, grabbed the paper bag from the seat-back pocket and prayed and prayed (and prayed) that I wouldn't barf. But alas, my worst fear came true. I was absolutely mortified. When the flight landed and I could lift my head up again, I apologized to everyone around me. I couldn't think of a good excuse and I didn't want everyone to think I was gross so I just told them I was pregnant, (Which I'm not). It's okay because I will never see any of them again for the rest of my life. I got off that plane as soon as I could and bolted to the closest magazine store and bought some toothpaste and Dramamine. I brushed my teeth and took two chewables. So there ya go: my most embarassing story to date. I am so glad to be home.


rushton family archives said...

I should totally use that excuse.

"Oh, it's ok. I'm pregnant."

I could use it to answer questions like...

Why are you eating so much?
Why are you so grumpy?
Why does your belly hang over your jeans like that?

The possibilities are endless!

By the way. I MISSED YOU!

Lots to talk about!

Laurel said...

Way to think quick on your feet especially when you're embarrassed. Glad you made it home safely. Glad you had fun.

Mark and Elaina said...

eewwww! My worst fear is that someone next to me will puke....guess I'll never be sitting by you on a plane :) Do you usually get air sick? By the way, it was way fun seeing you!!

Kristie said...

That is so funny Mary I would never come up with something so clever so fast. Sorry you got sick but thanks for sharing the laugh. Hope you guys are doing well.

Katy said...

Your whole post just makes me laugh! Love the "trauma bond" the rocking out pictures, and especially the "it's okay, I'm pregnant" part! You're too funny!

larshannon said...

that was hilarious...all of it.