Wednesday, October 29, 2008

lots of things

first of all... here are some pictures of my lame attempt at making myself a birthday cake:

yeah, i know it looks terrible but it was absolutely delish!

now onto funner (is that a word, i never know) things. tomorrow a few girls in my class and i are dressing up like 80's workout girls. i have an awesome costume. james wanted to get in on the action too.

please don't mind my messy bathroom. don't you love the butt shot??

i told james to stand there and turn his feet out. awesome.-->

i was going for the "let's get physical" look.


The Rushtons said...

Love the lipstick.

Laurel said...

so hilarious!!! Loves it that James looks like Jerry Seinfeld. Mary you look great. Go Flashdance.

carli said...

Sophi says, "Hey Mimi and James were gonna send you a picture of my sparkles on my face." The end. Carli says, " Is James wearing that fine looking outfit to work? That's all I wanna know." Mimi you look like a hot little workout Mama. Lubba

Hammen said...

Hahah James does look like Seinfeld!!! Love the Kirilenko jersey in the background too.