Monday, October 13, 2008

Days 6 and 7

Well birthday week is winding down, but I have the best day to look forward to tomorrow. On Sunday I went to church, came home, ate lots of food that wasn't good for me, watched tv, and took a large nap. I also got to babysit some of my favorite little girls that night. That was Sunday. Today I had hospital clinical. I gave my first shot! I was so nervous. I know I shouldn't be nervous because I am so used to sticking needles in people (phlebotomist here). But I guess the thought of giving medications to someone that could kill them if I gave the wrong dose is intimidating. Lots of responsibility. Anyway, after school I went to Gut Busters at the gym with my buds Stephanie and Kat. It was so hard. There was a part where we all had to stop because it was so crazy hard so the instructor made us do it again. He even looked at us while addressing the class and saying, "If anyone stops this time, I will make you all do it again." Yikes, he meant business. We couldn't help but laugh at the guy. So there ya have it, day 6 and 7.

James update: James continutes to live it up in Utah. I continue to be crazy jealous here in Midland. Today he is spending the day with my family. He went to Winger's today and tonight he is having my mom's famous gumbo for dinner. Yeah, I am green with envy.


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great Day 7 of birthday week! Thanks for letting me share your birthday party with ya, it was fun.