Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i had my follow-up kidney stone urologist appointment yesterday. wow, that's a mouthfull! he wants to do lots of things. first of all, he wants me to do a 24-hour urine. if you haven't had to do one of these then you are sure missing out. it consists of having to pee into the same jug for 24 hours. and i have to keep it refrigerated. and they didn't give me any sort of funnel to pee in to. so i just get to aim and hope for the best with these bad boys.i promise i don't wear that shirt everyday!

and he wants to do some blood work to test my thyroid hormone and other things that i can't remember.

i feel like i only ever put pictures of myself on here. so tonight i told james to look at me and look cute. this was the result:

but after that he gave me this one:


daniel vincent john said...


enjoy the collecting of urine.

Preston said...

James...what a cutie!

Carli said...

I bet you really took like 7 pictures in between the goofy butt face and the cute one. And I bet that you were pretty mad by the time you finally got a decent picture. That's probly how it went down.