Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i have been so blog deprived this past month. it isn't my fault though, it is stupid at&t's fault. that's right we haven't had internet for a whole month. i know you probably all thought i was dead. fear not, i am alive and kickin'! i had an awesome time in houston. we had a great Christmas. we moved into a new apartment. wait, let me rephrase that: james moved us into a new apartment while i was in houston. i know, i have the best hubby. my mommy wants to see pictures so here ya go mom:

aaaahhhh, overhead lighting, gotta love it!

here is my new area rug from target. i love it!

and i got a haircut. i needed a style. i told her i want lots of layers and NO bangs. well guess what:What the crap do you call those?????

and the rest of it reminds me of how a rodeo queen would cut her hair. every time i look in the mirror i think, "who is that hick?" oh yeah, it's me. oh well, it's just hair. it will grow back in a couple months.

carli and donny came for a visit over new year's. it was so super fun.

there. there's my update. yay for the internet!


Preston said...

nice clock!

mama ruthy said...

Hey my Dixie Darlin' - luv the hair!!!

Hammen said...

That rug really ties the room together.

daniel vincent john said...

agree with hammen said...

it is large as well.

Christine said...

1) ok i LUV your perty rug
2) your expression in the hair cut pic is cracking me up!!! and i think your hair is so awesome... no matter how it is cut because you have the best hair:)