Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the missing wallet

Yesterday we were tearing the apartment apart looking for James' wallet. Why does he always lose things? Anyway. I started with the couch. I looked inbetween the seat cushions. Nothing. So I got down on my hands and knees to look under the couch. Guess what I found??

It's little Gaber's dinosaur. It made me stop my frantic searching. It also made my day. Yesterday wasn't the best of days for me, so to find Gabe's dinosaur was like a little present that helped boost my spirits. Thanks Gabe, for being such a boy and leaving your dinosaurs strewn about our apartment. I love you so much.

ps- We found James' wallet under another piece of furniture... the bed. How it got there, I do not know.


The Rushtons said...

I meant to ask you earlier...

uuummmmmmm, have you seen the link on my most recent post? YOU CRACK ME UP!

Laurel said...

So fun to find little treats. We love our Gabey!