Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Drive

James and I were driving around tonight and we started talking about the Killers new CD. He asked me if I had heard one of the songs and I said that I didn't know. The song was called "Joy Ride". So then we made a stop at HEB for some Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge. Delicious. When we got back in the car I asked him to play me the song. Here is the convo:

Mary: Hey play me that song.
James: What song?
Mary: Ya know, the song,.... a bug's life.
James: What?
Mary: Um, fire fly
James: What are you talking about?
Mary: June bug
James: I have no idea what you're saying

Anyway. We finally got it figured out and he played me the song. It was awesome.


mama ruthy said...

eeooowww - early alzheimers?