Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that James and I got to spend it together without anyone else. It was the first time and will probably be the last time that that happens. Aaaawwww, special. We ate so much today. James couldn't stand up straight because he was so full. Funny. After we feasted we, of course, took a nap. After that we stuck with my family's tradition and went to see a movie. James Bond movie. It was awesome. Oh, please, if you live in Midland, come eat leftovers! We have SO much food. Anyway, here are the pictures:i was so ready to eat!
here we are after we ate. can you see how full we were??
And just for fun- this is a picture of me after our run this morning. It doesn't matter how little or how long I run, I will always have a red puffy face when I am done. Enjoy.


Christine said...

Wow you are quit the chef! That looks like a great feast!! Happy Thanksgiving.