Sunday, November 23, 2008

ugh! (disappointing movie and a bad book)

yes people, i went and saw twilight yesterday. i was very disappointed. kristen stewart is a TERRIBLE actress. and all the background music made me want to gag. i've read the book and love it, but the movie was not great.

about the book (not twilight, a different one). i have one question for oprah winfrey: why oh why do you like to make people sad with your choice of books? i have been reading a book called the story of edgar sawtelle. if you are reading this book then stop reading this blog right now. SPOILER. the beginning and middle of this book were great. then at the very end everyone dies. if you know me then you know that i absolutely hate these kinds of stories. why can't books and movies all end pleasantly without a barn fire and an uncle killing his nephew because his nephew knows that his uncle also killed his father?? yeah, that's what i was reading last night. i wish james would've been awake when i finally went to bed. he could've cheered me up with one of his many dorky jokes or funny faces. oh well.

here's something that will cheer me up: my last clinical of the semester is tomorrow!! YEEHAW!


Tyler & Jessica said...

I agree with you completly! the movie was horrible! I love the book but thought the movie was low budget and crap!

Anyways. How are you?


Jessica wilkinson jeffers