Friday, July 25, 2008

San Antonio FUN!!

James, Lydia, and I went to San Antonio for a couple of days. It was so much fun. We went to Six Flags which was totally incredible. There are a million pictures, but I can't justify leaving any of them out:

so excited!!

ugliest face i could pull. boomerang was an awesome rollercoaster.

there was a mariachi (sp?) band and james was dancing like a dork



it was pouring down rain!

james's hair after riding the superman

just a funny little clip:


Mama Ruthy said...

yeehaw! That's my girl!!!

Laurel said...

Looks like six flags was so much fun. I love the Riverwalk in San Antonio!!!

Carli said...

i didn't want your dancing to stop. You're like the best dancer in creation. I freaking love you dancing.