Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i'm embarrassed....

to even be watching the New Kids On The Block new music video. don't get me wrong, their singing is fine. but to see them frolicking on the beach with girls half their age and their shirts unbuttoned is embarrassing for me to even watch by myself. yup, this is what i do in the morning after james goes to work. i get up, eat a bowl of cereal and veg on the couch flipping channels between music videos and hgtv design shows. i am a big lame-o face. oooooh- alicia keys just came on! ;)


The Rushtons said...

The new kids on the block video is lame-o, not you, silly. I really wished they hadn't dressed all in white and danced like the backstreet boys. still, i'm a fan, i can't deny it.

we'll be home tomorrow LATE. anyone up for cards friday night?