Friday, July 25, 2008

anniversary post

james and i have now been married for over 2 years!! i did do a post about our festivities but for some reason it didn't go to the top of the page. so if you wanna see it go here.


Kristin Morris said...

so what the crap are you back in utah right now or what? Anyways-- I was just looking through your pictures- you know, I literally lived five minutes away from Brigham Young's winter home in St. George and never went to see it?! I drove by it probably every day! I even saw his home back East in Nauvoo or wherever it was? But never where I lived....wierd. Ok that was long. sorry.

Kristie said...

Hey Mary this is Kristie Constantine, Carli's friend from North dakota. I peek at your blog off of your sisters site. Hope thats ok. I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary and i just love your posts. They have so much personality.