Tuesday, July 29, 2008

kidney stones and staph infections

that's right. i've had both in the past year!! in october i went through a month of extreme pain with many days spent in the emergency room and many many doctor visits, all of which did a whopping nothing. every doctor i went to told me that it wasn't a kidney stone. finally one day i got so sick with a fever and tons of barfing and i passed a stone. i called the stupid doctor i had been going to just to tell him that i indeed had a kidney stone to which his office staff asked, "how do you know?". i simply told them that i was looking at a rock that had just come out of my urine. YOUCH! then about a week and a half ago i get this huge thing on my chin that i think is a massive zit. i tried popping it once with no success so i decided to just leave it alone (which was extremely hard for me). it festered and finally formed a few lovely little blisters. i just got in to see the doctor today and she said it was staph. but don't worry, i am not going to die. infact, i will probably be all better by this weekend.


The Rushtons said...

oh my goodness. did james know before he married you what a liability you would be? you're lucky you're so cute.

and since you'll be better soon, does this mean you can come over for cards on sunday? we've really missed you guys.

oh, and don't forget to take pictures of your progress on the quilt. i'd really like to see how it all comes together.