Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer 'To Do' List

That's right, I got back from Utah a few weeks ago and was practically pulling my hair out everyday by the time James got home from work that I decided to make a to-do list.

  • get a job (DONE, I work at the Gap)
  • get as tan as Lydia (my sissy-in-law who is a lifeguard. I'm working hard at this one, but I don't know if it is going to happen for me!)
  • read a book a week (i've started a book but haven't finished it yet)
  • read the Book of Mormon (this one I really need to work on....)
  • find a new hobby (FOUND! i love organizing clothes at work, i'm a weirdo)
  • practive violin (i've done this 2x so far. but i did play in relief society last week for my friend christina's lesson)
  • update budget (i'm a slacker, all i know is i like to spend money on clothes and bath and body works everything)
  • cook a new meal 3x a week (if you know me, you know that this is probably the hardest one on the list)
  • update blog (YEAH i've done this)
  • work out 3x a week (take a wild guess!)

so there it is. i'm really enjoying summer now that i have things to do.


daniel vincent john said...

organizing clothes at work doesn't count as a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

Mary! How in the world are you! Thank you so much for the comment! I didn't know you were living in Midland! ?? I was born there!!! yOu look so happy as well! look at your little family grow! =)