Saturday, June 7, 2008

summer hair

oh... my.... goodness. it is so stinkin' hot here in midland. if i am not in the pool or in the shower then i am HOT! today i went outside to go get some groceries and immediately turned around and came back in. i had to change into james's old basketball shorts (that are now mine :) ) and a t-shirt. i was still hot so i pulled my hair back and put in a headband. i didn't even attempt to put makeup on. i really think this is going to be my everyday summer attire and hair-do. not very cute, but it makes me a little less hot.


DyeFam said...

Hey-It was so great to hear from you guys! It sounds like you guys are doing awesome-besides the HEAT!! Jackson was also wondering how Ben was doing and what's up with him?! Please stay in touch-Good luck with everything!
Val-and Jacks

Angie & Dallas said...

Oh my its gorgeous!! I loved it. How are you Mary?? I see that you are a reader... read any good books lately you could recommend?