Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's been a rough day

Today we got to babysit some of our favorite little girls. At lunchtime I decided to go run and get James and I a couple of sandwiches while James stayed with the girlies. So I get in my car and start to back out.

Do you see where this is going?

Yes I ran into the side of the Rushton's carport. Their carport is solid and looks exactly the same as it did before the run-in with my shiny silver saturn. I am infamous for running into poles while in reverse. I had a similar experience at James's parent's house with my old green saturn (that James now drives) and a basketball hoop, although the damage was not nearly as bad.

I don't know what goes through my head when I hear the screeching of wood and metal rubbing together, but I think it's something like, "Just rev the engine, but whatever you do don't hit the brakes!" It definitely isn't "Stop pressing the gas immediately!"

Thank goodness for USAA and their customer service skills. I was practically in tears (surprised?) while on the phone with the claims specialist and she comforted me, telling me that that is why they call these things "accidents", and that I sound really upset, and to not be too hard on myself.

Don't worry though, I held it together till I was home and then cried. I thought I was past the "I Just Had A Major Adrenaline Rush and If I Don't Get In A Fist Fight Then I Must Cry" phase. But nope, my adrenaline must be released in one of the two ways (punching or crying). It almost always (ok always) ends up being crying because I am little and if I punched someone I would probably end up getting my butt wooped.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the damage. I feel like such a dummy:

Then later I went outside to do some laundry because I had had a rough day and I wanted some fresh pillow cases that smelled like Downy to rest my head upon this evening, and I found this:

I have seen these spider before out of the corner of my eye while doing laundry. But it always runs away before I can get James to smash it. (Yeah right, like I'm going to smash it.) Thank goodness our washer and dryer are outside. I would not sleep at night if I knew that thing was in my house.
James was home, hallelujah, and smashed it for me; but only after taking pictures of it for documentation purposes such as this.


rushton family archives said...

holy cow that spider is huge!!

i'm so sorry about your car! (i really feel like it's ALL MY FAULT!)

Katy said...

Ahh! That was so nice of James to kill that spider for you! David makes me kill my own and I hate the big squish!!
So sorry about your car! I would have been in total tears too! Enjoy your downy pillow and hopefully tommorrow will be a better day!