Monday, April 13, 2009

so many pictures!

Seaside was amazing! We packed it full of Astoria sites (mine and Lydia's favorite), sea lion watching, beautiful scenery, and of course.. silliness on the beach. I'll start with the pictures from Astoria: yeah boi!
this is the view from the Goonies' house!
When we were up at the Goonies' house we actually heard these sea lions from all the way down at the dock. Of course we had to go look at them:

scruffy boy
Beautiful view:


Brenda Adams said...

Mary, looks like you had a great time, beautiful pictures, I think I need a vacation like that.

Now get back to school and open those books.....LOL

Lydee said...

I miss it! I want to hang out with you and James like that all the time.

Ruth said...

James & Lydee are VERY colorful. I most enjoy Lydee's purple pants.