Monday, April 6, 2009


James and I are going to Seaside, Oregon this week. His mom rented a condo on the beach and asked us to come. We are really excited. It's going to be freakin' cold and the ocean is never warm enough to swim in on the Oregon coast, but it's going to be fun. Suzanne (James's mom) asked us to come up with "Number 1's". These are like the number one things that we want to do while we are there.

My "Number 1":
Go to a tide pool.

Suzie-Q's "Number 1":
Go to a lighthouse. James and I decided that while we are in the lighthouse that we have to sing that song from Pete's Dragon. Ya know the one where they are white-washing the lighthouse. I know you know, don't pretend like you don't. "It's a razzle-dazzle day..."

Lydia's "Number 1":
To snuggle on her command.

Grandma Billie's "Number 1":
(Grandma Billie is Suzanne's mom)
To do water aerobics every morning.

James has 4 "Number 1's":
1. To have Grandma Billie be his water aerobics instructor.
2. Bumper cars.
3. Go to Astoria and take pictures on the same beach as the Goonies.
4. Go running on the promenade with Lydia and myself (yeah right).


daniel vincent john said...

james's number three is a must.

Katy said...

Ooh that sounds wonderful! Have fun!!

rushton family archives said...

Bundle up so you don't freeze!

--that's a line from Go Dog Go! Only my girls would get it.


Laurel said...

Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. Don't freeze!

Hammen said...

James and Mary, I've been to Astoria before, and you can go to the actual Goonies' House too, but they might yell at you if you walk on their porch to take pictures, it's a real family's house!

Also, if you want to see the school from Kindergarten Cop, it's in that town as well. It's called John Jacob Astor Elementary school or something like that.

And some of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies were filmed there, but you can't go to their hideout in the sewer, apparently it doesn't exist. Boo.