Tuesday, April 7, 2009

James left this morning. He took my car to the airport and parked it at the tower so that when we get home we will have a car and won't need to get a ride. So I have been using his car today. I am totally spoiled with my car. His car is really dusty, but that is really James's fault, right? It is also a stickshift. I haven't driven a stickshift for months! I used to always drive this car, but then I got a new one and James got this one, so I am a little rusty with the clutch. I have stalled it twice today already. Here's how I feel about the dust:

And it doesn't have a plug for my iPod so I have to listen to old school CD's. (Like I said, I am spoiled.) But I just recently bought a new CD: Adele. Thanks to Christina and Mike's incredible taste in children I am now obsessed with this artist. James and I were over at their house a couple weeks ago and their girlies sang the entire "Chasing Pavements" track. It was really, really cute. I got a tiny teary-eyed. I love how Adele says "fings" instead of "things" just like my four-year-old niece. Here I am rocking out:
You know you all dance with closed fists in the car. That's right: I am driving a dusty stickshift car with my knee while dancing AND taking pictures. I will be a lot more responsible when I have children, promise.


rushton family archives said...

oh mary. these pictures are awesome. i'm so glad you started a blog.