Thursday, September 25, 2008

what a great day

it's true today has been awesome. my class got cancelled today so i got to sleep in and do absolutely nothing all day long! it was bliss. i watched tabatha's salon takeover on bravo all day long, like i said, bliss. i did, however, do a few productive things today: i dusted my apartment and folded a load of laundry. yippee!

did anyone watch the office tonight? AMAZING! i freakin' love that show.

so, james just got home from basketball and was getting ready to take a shower when i was reminded of something. this is the conversation that followed:

me: i can't buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk anymore, cuz it makes my hair stupid.
james: it makes your hair stupid?
me: yeah, and it makes my face fat.
james: so it makes your hair stupid and your face fat?
me: yup
(so then james proceeds to push me out of the bathroom so that he can take a shower)
james: see ya later fat face.
me: (pretend cry and run away)
james: (runs after me) just kidding skinny face. i love you skinny face. see ya later skinny face.


The Rushtons said...

I wanted to call you right in the middle of The Office and see if you were crying too. You know when Jim proposes and has that goofy smile on his face for the weigh in? OH, I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO!

Mama Ruthy said...

your sense of humor amuses and sometimes, frightens your mother

carli said...

I love it when you post conversations, I submit that it is my most favorite part of your blog.