Sunday, September 7, 2008

austin trip

last weekend james and i went to austin to see carli, donny, and of course our babies! i loved seeing them. carli and i have so much fun together. we make the exact same ugly faces and have the same sense of humor, it's awesome. it makes it even better that james and donny get along so well. they love eachother, i know it. when james and i were dating i asked him if he considered donny one of his good friends. he of course had to make fun of me for asking that and wording it the way i did. now when james and donny are together, james always says, "mary, just so you know, i consider donny one of my good friends." wo- that was quite a tangent. anyway, back to austin. while james and i were driving down we knew we had to stop at some point to eat so we decided to text chacha to see where the best place to eat was. they recommended the auslander in fredericksburg. this is a cute little german town that we had no idea even existed. so we went and ate schnitzel and were on our way. nice job chacha. we finally got to austin and got lost trying to find carli and donny. so we stopped at the local target to wait for them while i entertained all the late-night-target-loiterers by jumping off ledges and falling down. the first day we were in austin the girls went to get pedicures and the boys went to the first University of Texas game of the season. sophi was jealous that she didn't get a pedicure so i offered to give her one. i even soaked and massaged her feet. she is such a girlie girl. the next day we went to downtown austin and walked around. i loved seeing downtown. it is so cute with so many fun shops. we ate at a mexican restaurant and then went to watch a bunch of bats fly out from under a bridge at sunset. anyway, we had fun, we saw our family. here are the pics:

i don't know what these cones were for, but the kids would fight over them like crazy all weekend!

this is the whole gang. left to right: me, nick, laurel, sydney, james, gabey, carli, donny, dillon, christina, colby, megan, sophi, and harris. i love how sophi and gabe are reaching for eachother.

poor gabey, it was so hot that night.

i love this picture of gabe. he refused to look at the camera, but atleast he gave us a little smile.

and maybe the best pic of the whole weekend! james found this street sign and had to get a picture. before he walked over to pose for the picture he grabbed gabey and said, "i gotta have my namesake with me in this one!" gabe's middle name is james. we had so much fun. of course it was heartbreaking when we had to leave carli and donny and the babies, but it was worth it to see them for the weekend.


The Rushtons said...

HOW FUN! I love the ugly face picture. Sophi is a natural!