Thursday, August 7, 2008

i'm gunna kill the guy who owns the van!!!!

oh. my. goodness. last night at about 10:30 we heard a car alarm start going off. james naturally just checked to see if it was one of ours and thankfully it wasn't. it was this stupid idiot van next to our car. the stupid idiot man who owns the stupid idiot van NEVER came out to turn off his alarm! that van kept honking its stupid horn ALL NIGHT LONG!!! it kept james and i up most of the night. at about 3 in the morning i was so ready to go to the store to get ear plugs. james was so ready to go knocking on everyone's doors till he found the stupid guy who owns the stupid van. as if that wasn't bad enough... i have 8 massive mosquito bites on my legs. and being awake most of the night i was very aware of them and how they itched so bad. ah! terrible night.


Hammen said...

How worthless are car alarms? Does anyone hear one and say, "Oh no, my car is getting broken into?" No, they just walk to the nearest window and silence the alarm, sometimes without even checking their car. What's the point of having one?