Saturday, August 2, 2008

can i please live in stephenie meyer's fictional world for just one day??

i can't get enough. i know these books are a little juvenile, but once you start, you seriously can't stop. yes, i pre-ordered Breaking Dawn months ago, and yes, i am so excited to start reading it. i went today to the book store and was one of the few lucky ones to get a book. yeehaw! in preparation for the newest and last book in the Twilight series, i started reading all three previous books this last week. James must be so sick of my nose being stuck in a book all day! i'm really going to try hard with this one to take it just one chapter at a time. but alas, i know that that probably won't happen. i will be up mostly all night tonight reading after james falls asleep. (james just asked me what i was doing and i said, "blogging." he said, "about what?" i said, "the twilight series." he said, "lame.") sorry james. this is the last book in the series so in approximately 48 hours you won't have to share me with bella and edward anymore. ok gotta go start reading!

ps- this is james. my wife is officially 14 years old.


DyeFam said...

I"m right there with you-I Love it-How are you liking it so far?

Laurel said...

Nick says the same thing about me. I love it and am so mad that I haven't gotten my book yet. Ugh!!!