Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today started wonderfully. This afternoon, not so much. I have been trying to find some pretty flowers to give my friend for her birthday. So I went to Sam's Club. (They always have pretty flowers). I couldn't find my Sam's card anywhere. So I had to go in and have one re-issued. No big deal. As I'm standing in line this big old lady comes and stands all up in my business. What is the deal with people in lines? Do they think that if they stand unbearably close to the person in front of them that the line will move faster? Or maybe it's that the big old lady was "big" and "old" so she felt like she was entitled to go first or something. I don't think so big old lady. I turned around multiple times to give the big old lady the "look". You know the one. She no comprende the "look". Whatever. I got my card and got the crap out of line. I didn't see any flowers I loved, total bummer I know, so I left... empty-handed... from Sam's Club.

On to HEB. I don't know why I didn't think of this place first. I found some cute little tulips, (after getting in line, then changing my mind, then getting in line again) that I thought would be perfect. Saturday afternoon in Midland=long lines everywhere.

As I'm in the parking lot I, of course, walk down the completely wrong aisle and have to rely on my car alarm to tell me where my car is parked. I get in the car and drive to the nearest stop-light. I turn left on the green arrow behind a car that is going so slow. So I change lanes and pass that dummy.

As I'm passing "the dummy" I see a cop car parked in a nearby parking lot. All of a sudden I'm the one who's "the dummy". Yes that's right, I got pulled over. I got pulled over for the first time in my life... for speeding. I kept my sunglasses on because I knew my eyes would totally give away that I was almost crying and I wanted to keep it together, atleast until I got home. So the cop takes my license and insurance info and goes back to his car. While he's there I look in the mirror to make sure I am remaining tough-looking. My nose and chin are all red from my almost tears. Dang it, there's no way he missed that! He comes back to my car and says he is just going to issue me a warning. HALLELUJAH!! The red face must've made him take pity on me! Whatever gets me out of a ticket I guess. So I say "thank you so much" and my voice totally shakes. I roll up my window and immediately start bawling. Hey atleast the cop didn't see any tears. I know, I'm super tough.


rushton family archives said...

way to go dummy. :)

jimandjanetmcallister said...

I would like to call bs on this. I've tried crying at least three times and ended up gwtting a ticket every time. :(

Laurel said...

You are tough. I would have been bawling when I got pulled over. You go Mary!

Ally said...

Mary, SO glad you didn't get a ticket! I feel for you...I've never been pulled over, either (that I can remember), so I would be freaking out, too.