Wednesday, October 28, 2009

poor little guy

last night was basketball night for James. he plays on a city league team and he loves it. last night was his second game of the season. i was studying/watching tv (i know, bad combo) when he got home so when he walked in i didn't look at him. i just said in my silliest, most mary-ish voice: hey little guy! he said: um, my dear, i hurt myself. then i look over and notice his gait. holy crap he is really hurt! i help him get to the couch and assess the damage. he was in the middle of playing when his knee literally came out and went back in. youch! he said he felt a pop, which is never good. i immediately elevated it, iced it, and gave him 800 milligrams of ibuprofen. am i in nursing school or what?
today i had clinicals all day. i felt bad that i couldn't baby him and grant him his every whim. luckily i was forced to leave early. but that story is for another post. this is about my little guy. his knee is more swollen and painful for him today. we made an appointment with a specialist for next week. he has been on the couch all day, icing and elevating. good boy. i bought him a cane. i know, that's a funny mental picture. don't worry i took an actual picture and put it at the end of this post. he looks like a pimp.
poor little lamb:
so swollen:
sir "wobbles-a-lot" the pimp:
baseball, body pillow, and blankets. what else could a guy want?


rushton family archives said...

oh no!!! you're such a nice wife. I would have rolled my eyes at mike and grumbled about how much everything was going to cost.

hope you feel better soon, james!

Katy said...

Ouch!! You are a good wife....I would have reacted like Christina, and been envious that he had a great excuse to laze around watching TV.
Okay, maybe once I realized he REALLY was hurt, I might feel compassion!
Poor least he's in good hands!

Brooke said...

that sucks! Sorry he's hurt, hopefully the specialist can make it all better. He's well taken care of by his personal nurse though!

Preston said...

Nice cane, dawg...

Camilla said...

ouchy! cory told me about it last night, we hope he feels better soon and its not serious!