Sunday, October 18, 2009

my baby sissy

Is my baby sister already 16 years old? Where has the time gone? Sarah went to her first formal highschool dance yesterday with her boyfriend Tanner. I made sure that my Mom took pictures so that I could document it.

oh how cute:

now it's Sarah's turn:

she couldn't figure it out, so my Dad stepped in:


Kristin Morris said...

So cute! I love that I wore that same dress to the first dance I ever went to also!! ...Sarah looks way better than I did though!!!

Jason, Mindi, Porter, and Ellery said...

She looks beautiful! Sarah you are a gorgeous girl! And that was one of my favorite dresses I wore to a dance too! Love that Kristin wore it as well (good dress!)

James and Mary said...

i wore it too! that dress has been passed around a lot.

Laurel said...

So cute. We just love Sarah, and thinks she's beautiful.

James and Mary said...

hi, this is James. I didn't wear the dress. But I'm sure it would've looked great on me.