Tuesday, September 15, 2009

why i love tuesdays

1. James has the day off
2. short day at school
3. dancing with James to Owl City in the kitchen
4. laughing my butt off (not literally) at James's dance moves
5. going to Zumba class at the gym and laughing my butt off (again, not literally) at me and Steph's dance moves
6. hangin' out and talking with the hubs until we can't hold our eyes open anymore
7. saying "see ya in the morn mate" like a sailor with an Irish accent and insisting that James say it back to me exactly how I said it. (actually, I do this every night, not just on Tuesdays)


Preston said...

Hey, I just heard Owl City for the first time last weekend. I love it! How come I can never hear of a cool band before James...?