Friday, May 16, 2008

Random pics and updates

So I have been having an awesome time in Utah. I have taken lots of pictures to document my time and to keep all my buds in other places updated. So get ready for lots of pics:

this is my little sis, Sarah, who we all call Lala. She is just being herself :)

My mom is making a quilt for my nephew, Gabe. Since I got here I have been helping her work on it. I am now completely addicted. I sooo wish I had a sewing machine and tons and tons of money to just quilt all day long! We finally finished the quilt and I was so proud that I had to take some pics:
I just woke up this morning and finished it, so don't mind my shiny face and slicked back hair!

Isn't it pretty?? I love it!


daniel vincent john said...

it is a pretty quilt.

Laurel said...

You're so cute. The quilt is way cute too. I know I want to get into quilting too. Have fun in Utah. I can't wait to be there too!!!

Chelsey Stallings said...

Hey Cute Mary.

This is Chelsey Stallings (wall). I found your blog on your sisters. How are you. I can't believe you are in Texas. That is my favorite place. Hope you guys are good and marriage is treating you well. The quilt is amazing. This is my blog. Mine and Scott's is

carli said...

This is awesome. You guys are the best!!!