Sunday, May 25, 2008

more random pics from utah....

i know i know, i have been taking a bunch of pictures and i have to clump them all together on this post cuz that's how i roll. i want to get them all on my blog but i don't want to do different posts for all of them. so enjoy...

sarah, carli, me, sophi, and gabey

sophi loves to play "dress-up"

i said "gabey give me your ball so i can take a picture" and this is what i got
carli and my mommy

gabey's bum bum

me and the buster brown

ok now beware! all of us sisters can make the exact same ugly faces so we took pictures of ourselves and laughed really hard. it was awesome:

there is really nothing to say!

i'm speechless at how alike we look

we smiled as big as we could while keeping our teeth closed

sophi wanted to get in on the action

and what would a utah post be without a funny picture of lala:

i think she looks like a cartoon character!


The Rushtons said...

i love the ugly faces!!!

Laurel said...

Oh my gosh you all look so much alike. Crazy, I never noticed it that much.