Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Hungry.

So i'm on a new diet. Today is my "cleansing" day. I'm not supposed to eat anything all day, just drink this gross juice and tons of water. It has now been 29 hours since I have eaten solid food. Maybe I just need to go to bed so that tomorrow can get here quicker so I can eat!! I want a sandwich dang it!


The Family said...

MARY ANN MCALLISTER!! Why didn't you tell me YOU had a blog?! Ouch. Very Ouch. And I'm so sorry you're hungry. You have amazing self-control. You could so have a baby without drugs! Thanks for watching my girlies yesterday. They love you!

carli said...

meemsters, i love you and i love your blog. However, who your friend on here has given you some misleading advice about having a baby without drugs. I LOVE DRUGS FOR HAVING BABIES, is my new slogan.