Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Weekend

Well there isn't much to say. Friday night was spent sitting in my dining room studying microbiology and the perforin-granzyme cytotoxic pathway of cell-mediated immunity. Doesn't that sound like a blast? Oh yeah, it was..... I always like to ask James if he wants to learn about what I'm studying and even if he says no (which he always does) I will still read him a definition or two. It always makes me laugh, but not him. Wanna help??

Today was actually pretty fun. James slept in while I watched my Saturday morning home improvement shows on HGTV. I can't get enough of that channel! Then we worked out, cleaned, went out to lunch, and saw BABY MAMA!! Yes, you read correctly, I actually went out to lunch today. Even though I am on a strict diet, I am still able to eat lunch as long as it healthy. I got shrimp and a salad and James got a full rack of ribs! He cracks me up. Oh and Baby Mama was incredible! I laughed out loud multiple times. I highly recommend it.

Then tonight we attended our first ever Catholic wedding. It was very interesting. Seriously, as soon as we sat down I couldn't stop thinking about how grateful I am for the church. I love having it in my life and it blesses me every day....even though I teach Sunday School to the 14 year-olds! :)

OK I asked James if he wants to add anything so here goes:

ps- This is James and I am getting ready to watch the Utah Jazz with a belly full of ribs, how can you argue against that?!? Two nights ago I had an epiphany as I lay prone on my carpet after Deron Williams of the Jazz got blocked to seal a loss. That watching the Jazz and the drama that comes along with following your favorite team is the best entertainment that exists. Nothing puts me on the edge of my seat quite like a close playoff game. I am excited when they win and devastated when they lose. YOU GOTTA LOVE IT BABY!


Laurel said...

Sounds like school is going well Mary. I loved hearing definitions from my sister when she was in school. We love our Jazz too and taught Sydney how to say, "go jazz" It's fun to watch them.

carli said...

James, you're a dork, Mary you're so cute. I love you both.