Sunday, April 20, 2008

August Rush

James and I always have a Friday night date. This weekend we decided to stay in and just watch a movie. We watched August Rush because James had never seen it. I've seen it once and I loved it. Although it is a little far fetched and cheesy, I think the music and the story in it is awesome. Watching it made me so grateful for the music that I have in my life.

I grew up in a house where my mom had a song for anything and everything. She would sing to wake us up in the morning and she had a song to let us know when it was time to go to bed. At a young age I learned to appreciate music thanks to her. When I was about four years old I wanted to learn to play the violin so bad. I remember the Christmas that I got my first violin and the shiny white wrapping paper that it was wrapped in. Now that violin is no bigger than my forearm. I started taking lessons when I was four and loved it. I went through a phase (for about 6 years) that I didn't enjoy practicing and going to private lessons. But, my parents wouldn't let me quit. Finally, about my senior year of high school I started to enjoy playing a lot. I was in a violin group and we performed all the time.

I have now been playing the violin for 17 years. Although I don't practice all the time, I will never let myself give it up. I am so grateful to my parents for never letting me quit, even after all the grief that I gave them for it. Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you.


Mama Ruthy said...

thank you sweet Mimi...I can't believe you wrote about this today. I actually listened to your CD about 4 times this very day. I miss the beautiful music you made for us. Thank you for loving it. Can you bring your violin????

carli said...

Oh tears, tears. I wish you would play it more now. I love hearing you play. You should definitely bring your violin with you to Utah. I think we're going to start Sophi next year. It would be great if she could watch you play it. Everytime she sees someone playing she's like, "look mommy a bilin (violin) like Mimi. When I get big, i'm gonna do that." It's really cute.