Sunday, August 22, 2010



it’s another sunday evening all by myself. at least now i have a little companion who enjoys doing acrobatics in my tummy. especially at night. what’s the deal with that? i can’t complain though, i absolutely love it.

i am 22 weeks along now. feelin’ pretty awesome. steadily expanding. the shirt i am wearing in these pics used to be really long on me. now it is practically a belly shirt. sweet.

i love how diplomatic my doctor is when he tells me i’ve gained (maybe a little more than is  truly necessary) weight. just tell me i’m chubby and i’ll tell you i’m growing a human and then neither one of us will feel uncomfortable. maybe you will actually, just a little.

i love being pregnant now that i’m not sick anymore. i just have to keep this little guy fed and we are both happy campers.


Christine said...

You look beautiful! Congrats again :)

jimandjanetmcallister said...

You are getting closer, over the halfway point! Can't wait to see you guys in November. :)