Saturday, August 14, 2010

as promised.


there ya have it, my ever-expanding body. james is obsessed with feeling my belly. i think he’s excited or something. my dad likes to ask me which side is pregnant, like my belly or my butt. he gets a big kick out of telling me that my butt is getting pregnant too. such a gentleman.

despite my silly remarks about getting fatter, i have been feeling really good. i am now 20 weeks along and i think me and the little buster have figured out how to keep each other comfortable. or at least comfortable enough to keep food down (for the most part).

so if you haven’t heard, we are having a baby boy. i don’t know how you couldn’t have heard about it, what with james practically screaming it from the rooftops. we went in for an ultrasound before i left for utah and our little man was definitely not being shy. he seemed determined to show us that he was indeed a boy. james was on cloud nine.

oh yeah, my trip to utah. it was so much fun. i had such a good time just hangin’ out with my family. we talked, and laughed, and ate good food, and went swimming, and shopping, and to late night movies, and took long naps, and didn’t take any pictures. i know, i know, i’m usually such a good picture taker. i was too busy this trip with family stuff.

how i long for the days that i can drop by unannounced at my parent’s house. where i can sit right in the grass and not have to worry about getting eaten alive by creepy crawlies. this brings me to my next update.

back in may, james applied for an air traffic control position in salt lake. we have been waiting (and waiting) to hear anything. finally a few weeks ago, james got a phone interview. it was more like a quiz, with no personal questions at all. we were both worried. we pray every night to have the opportunity to live by our families and raise our children by their grandparents. yesterday james received a phone call. he was (tentatively) offered a position in salt lake starting september 2011. so if everything goes according to plan, it looks like we will be moving home next year. of course this is bittersweet for us both. we have loved living in midland and the lifelong friends that we’ve made here. at least we still have a whole year to live it up down here in west texas.


christina said...

hells yeah "lifelong."




p.s. I showed the girlies your belly and Ayla asked, "Is he comin' out?"

I said, "Not til December. After your birthday!"

She gasped and said, "That's so special!"

Tim&KatherineHird said...

Congrats on the JOB! It will be sad to see you move, but I know how bad you want to be with family--I don't blame you a bit!

Laurel said...

Mary you look beautiful. I'm so glad you're finally feeling better. I know how hard it is to feel gross. We are so happy that you guys got offered the job! How exciting!!! Congratulations on everything.

Camilla said...

You look so cute! finally looking pregnant to me. Im sure you will have a baby shower... i would love to come! i love shopping for baby things!

The Dutsons said...

Maaarrryyy! You look so freakin cute! I love love that you commented about being able to sit in the grass without the fear of being eaten alive. Everytime I visit home I just lay in the grass for no reason other than I can. Good luck with the job!