Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the party is on its way

I am one day away from being done with school for the summer. Yeehaw! I am two days away from seeing my babies and the rest of my family. Double yeehaw! I am, of course, so sad to leave James here all by his lonesome for two whole weeks. What will he do without me? (play basketball everyday, eat pizza everyday, watch ESPN till his heart is content, watch as many western's as he pleases...) I know, he will probably just wallow in his misery. Mom and Dad, I hope you are ready for me. The party is on her way.


Jason, Mindi, Porter, and Ellery said...

Mary, you are the PARTY for sure. What does your family do w/o you!!! Have fun in Utah, I still have 20 days unti I go "home"!! And I leave my hubby for 4 weeks, Yikes!!

Camilla said...

have fun in utah!! when you come back can you put my mom in your suit case so she can help me unpack? :) I hope you are back before our first week at church there ( june 27th) so i can feel like i "know" someone already!