Friday, June 5, 2009

impromptu trip to Dallas

James and I both had Tuesday off this week, so we decided to take a quick trip out of this island of Midland and go to Dallas. It was super fun. We ate at an incredible seafood restaurant: Pappadeaux, we were in heaven. We went to Ikea, I was in heaven. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods, James was in heaven. We went to the Dallas temple, (we are convinced) that our table (see pictures below) from Ikea would not have fit in our car if we wouldn't have. We saw the new Terminator, we were both in heaven. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, heaven. I was a slacker about taking pictures so all we have are pictures of us in the car, on the way there, and on the way back.

so excited!
this was really scary. on the way there we drove into a huge rainstorm. we literally could not see the cars in front of us. don't worry dad, we pulled over.
the next few pictures are on the way home from dallas. i had to drive because the table had to go behind my seat and i had to be all up in the steering wheel's business. i am a little bit smaller than james.
i look like a freak:


Preston said...

Hey, we love IKEA too. Let's see what your table looks like.

Camilla said...

I love Ikea!! I could browse there for DAYS!!

Laurel said...

How fun. Those little trips are always so much fun. I want to see the table.