Monday, December 6, 2010


here’s a quick picture summary (with a few comments) of what has been consuming our lives for the past few months:

















Giants win the world series!! James has been a fan forever. He turned me into a die-hard fan. I even watched a game by myself while he was working. I know! Fear the Beard!

And my face and the rest of my body continues to balloon out in all directions. (See following pictures… and previous picture.)

















I was reading a blog that said stripes are great camouflage for a pregnant belly. I don’t think my striped shirt was hiding anything.


















What do you think? And some of my favorite little girlies came up with the perfect hiding spot for their little toys in my cowl neck shirt. They called it a swing. I love them.IMG_2906IMG_2907































And finally… the nursery. There are a few more things that I’d like to add, but at least the little buster is going to have a gorgeous place to rest his head at night. Yeah, I’m totally bragging. So what? I made the bedding, thankyouverymuch. It was frustrating, tedious work but so worth it in the end. You like?

(ps- I don’t know who I’m referring to when I ask “you” questions in my posts)



Ruthy Snasel said...

YAY for lil' buster. Hang on Harry & Mary...just a few more weeks! (teehee, Harry & Mary)

Christine said...

I love the pictures... especially your profile. Your tummy is so cute!

I can't believe you were brave enough to make that gorgeous bedding! With each baby I've thought about it and never taken the plunge :)

I can't wait for this little dude to arrive! I want to see pictures of him!!

christina said...

James' face is awesome.

And the bedding IS gorgeous. Even the pictures don't do it justice!!


Laurel said...

Um, your belly is totally cute! I absolutely love your bedding and crib. You're one talented mama!!! Can't wait to see this little guy.

Lydee said...

That's right the Giraffe and the Monster! :) He's going to love those! :) I'm so excited.. 39 weeks today!