Monday, October 18, 2010

10 more weeks.IMG_2896

i’ve made it to 30 weeks. this pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop.  i’ve pretty much had anything and everything in the sickness department. people from church have thought we’ve moved because we haven’t been in so long. no we haven’t moved. not for at least another year. little buster is doing just fine. he is growing and taking whatever he needs from me. i am more than happy to give him whatever he desires. as long as he is doing awesome, i can deal with anything. and he is doing awesome.

i have had some major fun in the past few months too. james and i went to hawaii and it was the trip of a lifetime. it was the perfect last hurrah before our worlds are turned upside down and change forever. i also snuck in a quick trip to houston to see my sissy and her beautiful family. james has officially quarantined (is that a word?) me to west texas. i guess i’m to the point where i really shouldn’t be traveling.

little buster loves to move. i think his favorite past-time will be dancing (inside joke). i have a super awesome waddle. i get weird looks all the time from old ladies. why is it always the old ladies? i think they still think i’m 15. oh well.


christina said...

yes. your waddle is awesome.

like, penguin awesome.


Jason-Mindi-Porter-Ellery said...

Oh Mary I am so glad to see you are back to blogging!! I am so sorry you have been going through a yucky pregnancy. And you look so cute and hardly bigger than your last picture (which is awesome!)

Stacey said...

So I hear we are neighbors I know whe havent meet but if you guys need anything let me know, one of these days will meet!!