Wednesday, June 30, 2010

time for an update

i think i may just be starting to get over the morning sickness. i haven’t barfed in three days, which is a record. dang it, i don’t want to jinx myself. did i just jinx myself? i sure hope not.

james and i are so thrilled about being able to start our family. we feel very blessed to have had this pregnancy happen so quickly. i guess it was just the right time for us. we have almost been married for four years ya know. and in Mormon standards that is a long time to be married without having kids. i bet you all were starting to wonder if we still even liked each other. we do. we like each other.

james has been an absolute gem for the past two months. i have been a retching, pizza-faced monster. i still am a pizza-face. thank goodness for photo shop. james says it makes me look even more like a fifteen-year-old than i already did. great… i am a knocked-up fifteen-year-old. (i’m really 23 peeps). a happily married 23-year-old. sorry to burst your bubble flight attendants of the world: i am in fact old enough to sit in an exit row. (yes, i was actually asked once if i was 15 while sitting in an exit row, but that is a story for another time).

if you are still reading, you can probably tell that my mind is racing. thank you for your endurance.

we have lots of great things happening this summer. we moved into a new place. we ended up not buying our house. there is a job opening in salt lake and we wanted to be footloose and fancy-free just in case we get it. we were sad for a second about the house. but we’re good now.

james’s brother gets home from a mission this august. we can’t wait to see him. my little brother is actually getting his mission call today! we are so excited for him.

i am going to utah at the end of july to hang with the fam. it’s gonna be a partay.

i’m really excited to see our brand of baby. i am so used to my sissy’s brand (see sidebar). oh yeah, i am going to need to make some room on the sidebar.



Mark and Elaina said...

YAY! Congrats cousin! Babies are so so so fun! (Don't worry I got the hint in the last post :)